Insurance We Accept

This is not an exhaustive list. Please give us a call for further information on other health plans we accept.

Keep scrolling for a list of our Self Pay Services and Pricing.


Because we understand that many people are uninsured or underinsured, we offer 2 self pay options.

Option 1

  • Simple (simple clinical visit to address one complaint) $75.00

  • Comprehensive (comprehensive clinical visit to address a complex problem or more than one complaint) $100.00

  • Procedural (comprehensive clinical visit including a procedure such as sutures, foreign body removal, incision and drainage, etc.) $150.00

  • New Patient Visit Administrative Chart Fee $25.00

Option 2

$500 annually -or- $250 initial payment and $35/month by automatic draft.

Membership Includes:

  • Yearly wellness exam, routine lab work and optional EKG

  • Unlimited routine follow-up visits and acute care visits with $25 copay/visit

  • Yearly Flu Shot

  • Discounted rates on procedures and lab work

Yearly fee does not include medications, immunizations, radiological exams, non-routine lab work or hospitalizations.

Discounted Lab Work & Office Procedures

Cholesterol Panel $10.00

Complete Blood Count $10.00

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel $10.00

Hemoglobin A1C $10.00

Influenza Swab (in-house) $25.00

Pregnancy Test (in-house) $10.00

PSA $10.00

Strep Swab (in-house) $10.00

Testosterone $30.00

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone $10.00

Urinalysis $10.00

Urine Culture & Sensitivity $40.00

We offer many other discounted lab prices.

EKG $30.00

Spirometry $25.00

Nebulizer Treatment $20.00

Ear Wax Removal $35.00

Wellness Exams

Please see full price list under patient information tab.

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